Carry the Water 5k

We’re a public charity and federally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Morrisville, North Carolina. We raise funds to transform thirsty villages in India with sustainable solutions to clean drinking water. All donations are tax deductible.  Federal Tax ID: 22-3894982. 

Be the change

Make a global impact by transforming thirsty villages in India with sustainable clean water solutions.


Make a global impact by transforming thirsty villages in India with sustainable clean water solutions.

Carry the water 5k

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Why we run

900,000 people die
every year in India
from water born diseases.
Most Indians touch less than one liter of water per day.
That's in total - for drinking, cooking, and bathing!
Water-born sickness
is the #1 health issue in India!
Clean drinking water
is the #1 physical need in India!
India has 97 million people
without access to improved sources of drinking water, second only to China.
Diarrhea & Respiratory Infections
are the #1 cause for child deaths in India.
Women, who collect the drinking water, are vulnerable
to a number of unsafe practices. Only 13% of male adults collect water.
67% of Indian households do not treat their drinking water,
even though it could be contaminated by chemicals or bacteria.
NO major city in India
is known to have a continuous water supply.
An estimated 72% of Indians still lack access to
improved sanitation facilities.

sustainable clean water solutions

We work so we would see a day where water-borne illnesses would not cause death; so women and children do not have to walk miles to collect contaminated water; so every major city has a continuous supply of clean water; so the 97 million people without access would have clean drinking water.


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Our Sponsors

Since May 2021, India has become devastated by a second wave of Covid-19. Over half a million people in India lost their lives to Covid-19, more are suffering – including millions who are displaced without jobs. The media in America fails to show the true devastation that India has endured. 

By giving to Carry the Water NC, you are giving to the most vulnerable in India. Our community leaders across India are able to pay for vaccines and medical costs thanks to generous donations. While water project construction is on hold, we are supporting our partners across India as they work to support their communities. 

Thank you for your continued support as we raise funds and awareness for our friends in India. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone effected by Covid-19.

Local to Morrisville, NC? Consider joining us for Morrisville Fun Fest on November 13, 2021!