WATER PROJECT by Carry The Water

Rayaduni Village


Rayaduni Village

State: Orissa
Cost: $2400
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Project Status: Completed


The Rayaduni Village is now enjoying clean water thanks to the generosity of NC Baptist on Mission! Time to celebrate!

Project Description:
Borewell with hand pump

Over 998 residents including 177 children are now free from cholera, malaria, typhoid fever, malnutrition, and dysentery. This water project has been undoubtedly a project of making a smile on the faces of the people. There has been a great impact in the villages, people have been greatly blessed and also the lives have been changed through this project. The project has increased girl’s school attendance and improved the health for women and girls. It has reduced physical injury from constant lifting and carrying heavy loads of water. It has reduced the risk of sexual assault and increased safety for women and girls as they no longer have to go to remote and dangerous places to fetch water during the night. The Rayaduni villagers are very happy to have clean water in their village. Thank you so much for making this possible, NC Baptist on Mission!