WATER PROJECT by Carry The Water

Medchal Campus– Water Filtration Unit


John Foundation, Hyderabad

State: Telangana
Cost: $3000
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Project Status: Completed


Project Description:
Commercial Water Purification Unit

The new Medchal campus currently houses 6 homes for 66 children with plans to build an additional 6 homes in the near future bringing the total to close to 130. The new campus will also soon house a school for close to 400 kids and income generation campuses employing close to 30 staff. The commercial water purification unit is helping to provide clean drinking water to all these people. People in Medchal are highly exposed to diarrhea, malaria and the viral flu.

In June 2018, The John Foundation and Carry the Water installed a borewell at Medchal, and in June 2019, we helped install a pipeline running from that borewell to the Medchal campus. This water purification system was the last and final leg of this project. We are so thankful to EW Process for funding this water purification unit!

In partnership, the John Foundation has committed to provide the land, oversight of the project, and maintain the project for 10 years.


The Medical Campus is now enjoying clean water thanks to the water filtration unit provided by EW Process from Fort Mill, SC! It’s time to celebrate!