WATER PROJECT by Carry The Water

Kondhawadi Village (Phase 4 of 5 completed in the Mumbai/Khalapur Water Project )


Kondhawadi Village

State: Maharashtra
Cost: $4000

Project Status: Completed


Thanks to NC Baptist, Phase 4 of the Mumbai Water Project is now complete!

Project Description:
Pipeline from Vanavewadi Village to Kondhawadi Village site

Structure for 5,000 liter tank

5,000 liter tank
Gravity taps for public use

This project is phase 4 of 5 in a large clean water projects in the Khalapur area located outside Navi Mumbai. The first two phases provided the intake & pump at the river, the reverse osmosis water treatment plant, and a tower & storage tanks. Phase three included a pipeline from the Nimbode Village water plant to Dandwadi Village site, a structure for a 5,000 L. tank, 5,000 L. Tank, and gravity taps for public use. Completed phase 4 of 5 connects clean water to the Kondhawadi village via a pipeline from the Vanavewadi Village.

The Kondhawadi Village consists of over 6,000, including 1,500 families. Before the completion of this project, their source of water for their daily use came from the nearby Patalganga River, which is located 2 km. away from the village. This river is badly polluted and contaminated with toxic materials. Residents in Kondhawadi village can suffer from diarrhea, malaria, and jaundice.

Rays of Hope has committed to provide the land, oversight of the project, and maintain the project for 10 years.