Water Requests Awaiting Funding

You can make a difference! You are blessed with an abundance of clean drinking water. Our neighbors in India are not. You can feel their pain. You can lend a hand. You can help carry the water. You can change their world. Here are the requests awaiting funding…

The organizer of Water project from Chandrogounda Village
A child carrying some firewood from Madduru Village
Alwal campus in Hyderabad, India
Children splashing water from the water pump
Construction of Kongkum Haak leadership center
Aerial view of Peshu village
Aerial view of Sangsangnyu and Keshai Village
The villagers of Avoor village in Thirumavur District, India
The villager of Ezhacheri village
The villagers of New Tamil Colony, Tiruvannamalai
The villagers of Maddukur Village, Kothgudem District

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