Video description: Tekhi, a deaf student studying in Dimapur, India, signs “Thank you for giving me a new phone. I am a student. Now I will be able to see the video lessons and study. Thank you so much.”

Smart Phones Changed Their Future

deaf phone


Sedevelie (pictured above) is from Kijuemtouma village. With this smart phone, he is able to attend online classes and church!

When COVID19 hit India and schools shut down or moved online, deaf students in the village were unable to continue studying. Smart phones give hearing-impaired students like Tekhi and Sedevelie access to education. Thank you to those who have given towards purchasing smart phones! 

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In 2020, due to the global pandemic, Carry the Water NC temporarily shifted focus from water projects (construction across India has been on hold due to lockdowns) to Covid-19 relief. Thanks to generous donors, vetted, trustworthy community partners across India are able to care for those most in need. Funds go toward grocery kits, vaccines, and medical expenses. Give today at

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