India farmers’ protests: Tens of thousands join rally in Uttar Pradesh

Tens of thousands of farmers have gathered in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh to protest against new agriculture laws. Local police put the number at over half a million, while an AFP photographer said at least 50,000 farmers and supporters took part. The farmers want state authorities to repeal controversial farm legislation. Organisers described […]

Covid Hurts India’s Economy

India’s Economy Was Battered by Covid​ A news article from the New York Times (Sept 1, 2021) Economists predict that growth in India could surge int he second half of the year, on paper. Still, the damage form the pandemic could take years to undo. Economic output was 9.2 percent lower for the April-through-June period […]

Here’s a Peek at Covid-19 Relief Right Now in India

Here’s a Peek at Covid-19 Relief Right Now in India Thanks to generous donors, people all over India are getting Covid-19 vaccines! Previous Next People in India are having to purchase their own dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. Unfortunately, it costs more than most can afford. We invite you to partner with us in helping […]

Reality of Covid-19 in Rural India

The Reality of COVID-19 in Rural India Give toward Covid-19 Relief in India We are watching horrifying scenes in India’s big cities, where COVID-19 patients have been unable to get ambulances, and even the best-equipped hospitals have run out of oxygen. So what is Covid-19 doing to small, rural towns?  Most people in small villages […]

Deaf Students in Dimapur Now Have Access to Virtual School – 2021

Video description: Tekhi, a deaf student studying in Dimapur, India, signs “Thank you for giving me a new phone. I am a student. Now I will be able to see the video lessons and study. Thank you so much.” Smart Phones Changed Their Future When COVID19 hit India and schools shut down or moved online, […]